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Single Activity Wall Panel, Cat

Product Number: CTU50676
URN WALLS INTO A KITTY PLAYLAND - This wooden cat wall panel features a number matching maze!FOR AGES 18M+ - Fully tested to ...




  • URN WALLS INTO A KITTY PLAYLAND - This wooden cat wall panel features a number matching maze!
  • FOR AGES 18M+ - Fully tested to the highest consumer standards, this cat wall toy can be mounted at just the right height for young ones.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND LIGHT WEIGHT - The wall panel includes fixing holes and attachment screws for easy mounting.
  • ADORABLY INTERACTIVE WALL DECOR - Looking to decorate your toddler's bedroom or play area? This cute cat panel will add a fun feature to any space without taking up room on the floor.
  • PLAY AND LEARN - This busy board helps build motor, hand-eye coordination and descriptive language. Foster early math skills as children match numbers 1-9!
  • FOR CENTERS, HOMES AND WAITING ROOMS - Being wall-mounted, this wall panel is an ideal resource to keep kids entertained while waiting for the doctor.
  • IDEAL SIZE - The wall panel measures 21.75"L x 14.25"W x 1.25"H, making it ideal for individual or group play. The maximum depth it protrudes from the wall is 2".

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